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March 2013

Attending the Advancing the Post 2015 Sustainable Development Agenda in Bonn (20-22nd March) and facilitating the Planetary Boundaries  workshops, also spendign some time with my friend Wondie from UNEP.

The UN office of Sustainable Development in Korea on the 6-8th of March organized an Expert Consultation on Building Knowledge and Capacity for Sustainable Development in post Rio+20 Era, together with partner institutions. I had the pleasure to attend and to give a number of speeches on:

  • Stakeholder engagement in knowledge sharing and capacity building for sustainable development: experiences and lessons learned 
  • Growth of SD knowledge and trends in its dissemination-- are knowledge  networks competing or complementing? and,
  • Knowledge and capacity needs for accelerating transition towards sustainability including green economy

A video of the final speech can be watched here.

On the 1st of March I made a dinner speech at the student society 'A Drink for Tomorrow' at the University of North Carolina. The society raise funds for water projects ind developing countries. This year the focus is Peru projects that have already helped over 13000 people in 8 countries and 26 communities. 






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