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May 2012


May 31st saw the launch at the United Nations of the book 'Only One Earth The Long Road via Rio to Sustainable Development' by Felix Dodds, Michael Strauss with Maurice Strong. Speakers included Brazilian Ambassador Andre Aranha Correa do Lago, Mr Ahmed Ehab Gamaleldin Egypt Deputy Assistant Foreign Minister, Environment and Sustainable Development and French Ambassador Jean-Pierre Thebault and Frank Liu President of the Worlf Harmony Foundation. The book is available on amazon. (taken from the UN web site )



Speaking on the panel in the UN General Assembly on Rio+20 you can watch the video of the panel here and see the presentation here and the speech read here.

"The United Nations offers us a place to be touched by the better angles of our nature. Rio, Beijing+20, the SIDs review, the MDG review and habitat 3 offer a coherent opportunity for the development of a new global narrative on how we might live together on this small planet - after all its 'Only One Earth' we have.

 Implementation is the key to Rio+20 being seen as a success twenty years from now.


It should be remembered that indeed, what ‘Happens on Monday’ when people return to their capitals, to their communities, to their work places after Rio, is as important as what happens at the Summit. ‘The Future we want’ hangs in our hands and our decisions – let us work to make the legacy of Rio something we all can be proud of."

A tough two weeks of negtiations for Rio+20 now to reconvene on the 29th of May for another week before Rio. We hope that governments will agree a set of SDGs, new governance process at the global level on sustainable development and environment, an approach to integrate sustainable development into the economy and a global framework for corporate sustainabilty

Talking with Hugo Schally and Jill Hanna from the Europen Commission during the May preparatory session for Rio+20 (photo IISD).

Speaking at the side event on Sustainable Development Goals during the May session of the preparatory process for Rio+20 calling for SDGs to be agreed between now and Rio (photo IISD).

Discussing Sustainable Development Governance with the Mexican lead negotiator for Rio+20 Jorge Laguna-Celis (photo IISD).

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