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September 2011

Elizabeth Thompson one of the two Executive Coordinators for Rio+20 visits the Stakeholder Forum office and is given a copy of the UN DPI NGO Declaration from Bonn.

Over 1600 people attened the UN DPI NGO Conference Sustainable Societies - Responsive Citizens which I had the pleasure to Chair.

"Rio must underline that the foundation for a green economy and a strong institutional framework for sustainable development is people. People are consumers, activists, volunteers, and (responsive) citizens. People who are actively engaged in their communities and societies will ensure action to effectively tackle pressing sustainable development issues."

Opening speech by Felix Dodds.


The BBC blog can be read here

The conference agreed  unanimously a chairs text which supported a set of Sustainable Development Goals

You can watch the  videos  of the plenary and round tables on the UN DPI Web Site.

Derek Osborn and Felix Dodds addressed the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee on  Rio+20 on the 14th of Septamber and the evidence can be heard here.


On the 18th of September i made a presentation of the UN DPI NGO Conference Declaration to the UN Secretary General Panel on Global Sustainability.

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