Consulting: Stakeholder Engagement

Developing stakeholder engagement strategies and mapping

"Stakeholders are those that are impacted by a decision or those that impact on a decision." 

Over the past twenty five years we have been a designer, organizer and promoter of stakeholder engagement at the local, national and global level.

This has included:

Dick Morris said: " we are moving from Madisonian Democracy (representative) to Jeffersonian Democracy (participatory)". 

We am strong believers that we are in a period of developing stakeholder democracy on our path to participatory democracy. 

Developing a coherent and robust strategy to engage stakeholders will enhance your reputation and ensure that the decisions taken are in the interest of the wider community.

We can help you to undertake:

Engaging the right stakeholders will be critical to your success, a first stage to this is stakeholder mapping.  If you are a intergovernmental body, a government (at any level) or a company you will have different stakeholders that are relevant to you or your activity or proposed policy. 

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