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November 2019 - the UK Election

Hi, my name is Felix Dodds.

I’m standing as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mid-Derbyshire.

This is the most important election in living memory. I was born in Allestree into a Rolls-Royce family. My father’s work took us across England and into Scotland and Northern Ireland as the Troubles started.

I’ve seen what this country can be. All my life I’ve fought to make it better, to make our world better.

I was a secondary school teacher in Khartoum Sudan one of the poorest countries in the world and in outer London before joining an environmental nonprofit and finding it was my passion.

I fought for local issues right across the UK before leading on national policy and eventually on the global stage.

Today I spend my time getting governments to take our climate crisis seriously, to combat plastics pollution, water shortages, and to change the finance system to support investment in sustainability.

I know that change only happens when you bring people together in pursuit of a common goal. Progress does not happen when you govern by fear. It only happens through hope.

I’m here because I believe we are better than what we see today.

We are bigger than the lies and pettiness that fill the headlines today.  

My life has been defined by bringing together groups of people who may not think the same or even want to work together. But who ultimately share common ground.

I’ve spoken at Green Party conference and I was part of the Green Globe Task Force set up by Labour of non-profit leaders to advise the advised the incoming Labour Government in 1997 on their climate change policy.

I’ve chaired global meetings on the environment with the UK Prime Minister and this year an environmental ministers dialogue on plastics.

And in January after lobbying of Number 10 from members of parliament from all parties, the Conservative Government supported my application to lead the UN Environment Programme.

I believe we need that kind of approach now. We must see the humanity in each other, not their political affiliation or a referendum vote. We must work together to fix the crises we face.

We must work together to strengthen the NHS, to recruit more doctors and nurses, lower wait times and overhaul our mental health system.

We must work together to stop Brexit, build a new green economy and not only save the manufacturing jobs at places like Toyota and Rolls Royce here in the East Midlands but make the East Midlands the manufacturing engine of this new green economy.

We need a change to our broken politics. I believe that’s what I can bring as your MP, and I look forward to today’s debate on the issues that matter – issues that demand the new leadership and fresh ideas that the Lib Dems can bring.

Thank you.

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