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May 2010


Felix Dodds addressing the CSD session on "Multi-stakeholders Dialogue on Advancing the Implementation of CSD Decisions."

"Rio+20 should re-boot sustainable development, re-establish effective national processes – including NCSDs; involve new stakeholders such as regional governments, foundations and parliamentarians; re-establish an effective inter-agency committee on sustainable development; bring together a high level group to help guide the CSD in future – perhaps former CSD Chairs; focus on champions to replicate good practice; re-visit the issue of monitoring effectively means of implementation at Rio+20; bring the relevant government ministries to the table – the ones with the money; adequately fund sustainable development processes at the intergovernmental, national and stakeholder levels;  bring new thinking needed...NOW!! "

Addressing the The 5th Global Forum on Oceans Coasts and Islands 2010 Conference in Paris at the UNESCO HQ on Rio+20

"Our present lifestyles are drawing down the ecological capital from other parts of the world and from future generations. We are increasingly becoming the most irresponsible generation our planet has seen." Read full speech here.

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