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July 2010

The Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders' Group on Climate Change hosted at St James Palce a Conference looking at post Copenhagen called "Deal No Deal" We are discussing ....Rio+20 which he had promoted in his speech.


"Whilst we must not let up on the climate change agenda, I do believe that real progress will only be achieved when the cogs and gears of the various international discourses on sustainable development become properly aligned and meshed together. It is, for example, critically important that the issues of food security, water scarcity, poverty reduction, economic growth and environmental degradation are treated as a joined up challenge alongside climate-change, rather than as choices that we must pick and choose between and prioritize one above the other. This was the vision of sustainable development as it was articulated at the Rio Summit back in 1992 and this must again be a rallying cry as we look forward to the Summit’s 20th anniversary in 2012." Prince Charles

Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue

A new publication by CIVICUS written be Emily Benson and Felix Dodds of Stakeholder Forum.

A Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue (MSD) aims to bring relevant stakeholders or those who have a ‘stake’ in a given issue or decision, into contact with one another.  The key objective of an MSD is to enhance levels of trust between the different actors, to share information and institutional knowledge, and to generate solutions and relevant good practices.  The process takes the view that all stakeholders have relevant experience, knowledge and information that ultimately will inform and improve the quality of the decision-making process as well as any actions that (may) result.  With sufficient time, resources and preparation, an MSD can be a very effective tool for bringing diverse constituencies together to build consensus around complex, multifaceted and in some cases, divisive issues.

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