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April 2010


"Reviving the Spirit of Rio" an article by the great and wonderful Maurice Strong and Felix Dodds on the BBC web site a chance for all to contribute to the debate on Rio+20 before the first preparatory meeting on the 17th of May.

"Earth Summit 2012 presents a unique platform for negotiating the co-operation needed to achieve a new deal between North and South, between rich and poor and between present and future generations. A co-operation that is critical to the future of all people on the planet; and a co-operation that we must achieve."

Maurice Strong and Felix Dodds

If you are in New York on the 15th of May Stakeholder Forum with  UN NGLS are organising a conference on Rio+20 details on the earth summit 2012 web site.



The April issue of IISD's Multilaterial Environmental Agreements Bulletin carries an article by Felix Dodds called 'Earth Summit 2012 - The Rio Spirit'.

"From Stockholm to Rio 2012
In 2012, in Rio, Governments will again try to muster the political will to move us on to a more sustainable path.  It will convene forty years after Stockholm, the first United Nations environment conference, twenty-five years after the ground breaking Brundtland Report, twenty years after the last Rio Earth Summit, and ten years after the Johannesburg World Summit in Sustainable Development."

It can be read in full here.


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