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December 2009


Richard Sherman and Felix Dodds at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. Perhaps it shows how we felt the meeting was going!!! One of the best analysis of the meeting was produced by Richard Black the BBC Environment Correspondent in his article: "Why did Copenhagen fail to deliver a climate deal?". During the Copnehagen Conference Stakeholder Forum published daily Outreach a stakeholder newsletter. Felix Dodds produced the daily Food for Thought article on the back page.  All of these cn be found on this web site in the articles and speeches section. The main work of Stakeholder Forum at the Climate meeting was its work on water and climate as part of the secretariat for the Global Public Policy Network on Water Management Stakeholder Forum lobbied throughout the last year for water to be relflecetd in the climate adaptation text.

Felix Dodds and Michael Strauss with Father Christmas had the BBC Green Room Christmas article this year well worth a read.

On the 4th of December Stakeholder Forum launched at the BT Centre in London the new book Climate Change and Energy Insecurity edited by Felix Dodds, Andrew Higham and Richard Sherman with contributions from Minsiters, UN Heads of Agenceis and Programmes and stakeholders.  Maurice Strong the UN Secretary General of the Rio and Stockholm Conferences said of the book:

"We must treat climate as a security issues, the most important threat to global security we will ever face. Energy is at the heart of this transition. Climate security and energy security are two sides of the same coin: one cannot be achieved without the other.This book is an important contibution to exploring this vital part of the environmental security agenda."


(Derek Osborn, Felix Dodds and Prof Michael Dorsey)

December also saw the UN General Assembly agree to a new Earth Summit to be held in 2012 in Brazil. The issues to be covered will be:

the green economy,
sustainable development governance,
emerging issues and a
review of present commitments.



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