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August 2009

(Melbourne Derbyshire)

Such a busy August with the Bonn Climate negotiations where we were promoting the inclusion of water for the climate adaptation text. If anything is about adaptation it is water.

Then on to the wonderful Stockholm World Water Week where we had the chance to share with the water community the state of play in the UNFCCC negotiations. Preparations for a Water and Climate day in Barcelona at the final UNFCCC preparatory meeting in November are gaining momentum. The GPPN organised some great radio round tables on water footprint and climate change

Great sadness this month as the Lion of the Senate joins his brothers Bobby and John....I am reminded of that wonderful song Abraham, Martin and John... I have amended it a little...

"Has anybody here seen my old friend Teddy? Can you tell me where he's gone? I thought I saw him walk up over the hill, With Abraham, Martin, John and Bobby. Teddy Kennedy 1932 - 25th of August 2009

The end of the month saw a chance to visit Melbourne Derbyshire where I went to school and Ticknall where I grew up. A wonderful place to visit.

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